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AFM Group of Companies

The AFM Group started business in Asia in 1982 with the head office in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. The founding company, Asian Farm Management Ltd, originally imported and distributed flower seed into Thailand and went on to develop the market for cut flower marigolds.

With the help of The Thai Board of Investment and The Industrial Finance Corporation of Thailand, The AFM Group has developed and expanded strongly over the last 20 years to become the leading breeder, producer, importer and distributor of flower seed, plugs, bulbs and vegetative cuttings in Asia. The Group has also expanded into Middle Eastern countries. We currently employ over 100 people throughout the Asian region working in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, China, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma, Laos and Cambodia.

Our Groups corporate philosophy and mission is:- "To strive to improve the standards and quality of Asian floricultural production and marketing to a level that compares with the best in The West.

Sales and Market Establishments

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Several years ago AFM recognized the need for a specialized flower seed breeding and selection program attuned to the specific requirements of The Asian market., climate, and pest problems
Many of the flower varieties sold in Asia have not been specifically bred and selected for the region. They are useable but improvements need to be made with special regard to heat, rain, humidity and insect and disease tolerance.
Also, many varieties of flowers are used in Asia in ways that are not normally seen in The Western World.
AFM has embarked upon an ambitious breeding and selection program that has already produced interesting results.
Marigolds are at the heart of AFM's breeding program including Vinca, Zinnia and Petunia.

The home and hobby garden industry has not been developed in SE Asia. Consumers want products the can be grown and use at home but have been unable to find a source of supply.
To this end AFM has introduced different ranges of Retail Seed packs that can be used Asia wide. We custom pack for hypermarket outlets and have special seeding kits that allow homeowners to get flower seeds growing and flowering easily.
Other retail floricultural gardening products and will be launched over the next few years.

The key to AFM's success in the future hinges around our research and development programs. These programs are designed to help customers understand the techniques required in floricultural production.
At our research and development facility in Chiang Mai we test and modify existing techniques and also develop new systems to help growers produce quality flowering products at a reasonable cost.
We have key partner nurseries in The Asian region that also help us test and develop new and existing products and growing systems.

The key to AFM's past and future success has got to be people. We are committed to educating and training our own staff, our customers, and their staff.
We run regular technical product training courses at our research and development facility in Chiang Mai. We aim to make sure all our staff has a full technical understanding of our products and services that can be transferred to our customers. This information includes cultural growing details through to marketing intelligence and developing financial crop growing models for farmers.
We also regularly train students from universities and agricultural colleges during work experience programs.

AFM Flower Seeds (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
ChiangMai, Thailand
Importer and Distributor of flower seeds to professional
growers in Asia except China and Vietnam.
AFM Flower Seed Co., Ltd.
ChiangMai, Thailand
Plug Production and Breeding.
FlorAsia Ltd.
ChiangMai, Thailand
Gardening Accessories for Home Gardeners
focusing on the Asian market.
Alliance partners
Ameriseed Inc.
California, USA
Beijing Hortipro Ltd.
Beijing, China
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